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Retrieving the base station image

For ThingPark Wireless users, contact Actility Support team to get your base station image.

For ThingPark Enterprise, ThingPark Enterprise base station images come pre-configured with an ethernet network interface and DHCP mode for IP address allocation. You can download directly the latest image from the GUI as follows:

  1. Log in to your TPE account.

  2. Browse on the left section to Base Stations, then ADD BASE STATION.

  3. Select your base station's manufacturer

    Note The manufacturer thumbnails are displayed by ordered of their last usage. If you do not find your manufacturer in those thumbnails, click View More Manufacturers.

  4. On the following screen, select the desired model from the drop-down list, which will appear according to the manufacturer selected in the previous step.

  5. Click Download the base station image. This image binary file must be transferred to your base station in order to flash it with LRR software and allow it to communicate with the ThingPark core network server.


    • The image downloaded from a platform is configured for this platform. For example, if you download an image from TPE SaaS AU Production platform, the image is configured for TPE SaaS AU Production platform. To re-configure your base station for another ThingPark platform, see Configuring PKI and Configuring core network endpoints.

    • The self-hosted ThingPark Enterprise and ThingPark Enterprise SaaS images are different, you should download Self-hosted images from a Self-hosted ThingPark Enterprise instance and SaaS images from a ThingPark Enterprise SaaS instance. If you have access to both TPE instance types (Self-hosted and SaaS), make sure to download the right image from the target instance type.

    • Depending on the self-hosted ThingPark Enterprise deployment mode, the self-hosted ThingPark Enterprise server may not have access to internet, but the user's browser (internet navigator) needs to have internet access to download the base station image. If accessing both TPE GUI and internet cannot be achieved through the same PC, follow these steps to retrieve the base station image:

      1. From TPE GUI, mouse over Download the base station image and copy the link address for the base station image to download.

      2. Write the link address on a browser with internet access to download the base station image.

Once you have successfully retrieved the base station image, you are now ready to connect to your base station to install the ThingPark image. Apply Connecting to the base station via SSH to proceed with the installation.