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Installing the LRR package

The purpose of this topic is to provide the installation procedure for each base station model. As the base stations are supplied by different manufacturers, the installation procedure may vary. Before installing a new image on your base station, you must check the software pre-requisites to ensure your base station's firmware is compatible with the ThingPark image.


ThingPark Enterprise base station images come pre-configured with an ethernet network interface and DHCP mode for IP address allocation. Therefore, your base station must have a valid ethernet connection in DHCP mode to successfully complete the installation and configuration of the ThingPark image.

This topic provides you with installation prerequisites and guidelines for the following base stations supported by ThingPark. If you do not find the procedure required for your base station, ask your Channel partner, System Integrator or ThingPark Support team for assistance.

Once the LRR software is successfully installed on your base station, the next step is to personalize its configuration for your specific deployment case. To learn more about this task, see Configuring the base station LRR.