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Connecting to the base station via SSH

Since most of the manufacturers do not support serial connector, you can use SSH to connect to the base station.


  • You need the root password of the base station, otherwise contact your base station distributor.

  • PC and base station must be on the same network.

  1. From this network, find the IP address allocated to your base station. To achieve this, you can use software such as Advanced IP scanner.

  2. When launching the IP scan on your network, identify your base station with its ethernet MAC address written on the sticker of the base station.

  3. Ping the IP of the base station to check that you can reach the base station.

  4. Using the root password of the base station, connect remotely to the base station through SSH.

    Note If using Putty, configure the option Allow ACS line drawing in UTF to get an improved display. Additionally, resize the screen to display the full content of the console.

  5. Once connected to the base station, if you want to flash it with a new ThingPark image, see Installing the LRR package.