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Creating notifications

Email notifications

If an alarm state having a registered recipient is reached, an email for all base stations impacted is sent:

  • Whenever a new alarm is triggered with this alarm state.

  • Whenever an existing alarm changes to this alarm state.
    Note For an event-driven alarm, no email is sent for any new occurrence if the alarm state is the same.

  • Whenever the alarm has been acknowledged and increases to this alarm state.
    Note When an acknowledged alarm increases its alarm state, the acknowledgment is canceled by the system.

If you are entitled to a role as Administrator, then you can create alarms' notifications.

  1. Go to Base Station Alarms Recipients Alarms Recipients** widgets.

    -> A screen that looks like this displays:

  2. Add one or more recipients.

    -> The recipient(s) will be notified by the alarms.

SNMP notifications

You can configure SNMP notifications only on self-hosted ThingPark Enterprise platform. To allow this functionality, you must configure the SNMP agent through the Cockpit application. To learn more, see Platform supervision using Single Network Management Protocol (SNMP) and ThingPark Enterprise Administration and Troubleshooting Guide.