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Alarms' definitions

An alarm in ThingPark has the following characteristics:

Alarm characteristicsDescription
  • Severity state of the alarm
Alarm Name
  • Alarm name
Base station Name Name
  • Name of the base station related to the alarm
  • Base station ID
  • Timestamp of the last occurrence or last state of the alarm
  • For an event-driven alarm, the number of occurrences increases each time the event associated with the alarm is detected.
  • For a state-driven alarm, the number of occurrences is not applicable and always set to 1.

  • Confirms the acknowledgment of the alarm. The acknowledgment cannot be reversed.
  • You can select the Acked state by ticking the corresponding box.

Alarms' notifications

You can monitor your radio network using the alarms' dashboard in the ThingPark user interface.

In addition, you can be asynchronously notified of alarms via email and SNMP traps.

Email notifications are available on all types of ThingPark configuration platforms. To learn more, click Creating notifications.

SNMP traps are only available on self-hosted ThingPark Enterprise platform. To learn more, click the ThingPark Enterprise Administration and Troubleshooting Guide.