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Default dashboard

After logging in to the ThingPark Enterprise platform, you access the default dashboard.

It looks like this:

If you are not entitled to an Administrator role, then you can view the News widget only if there is a message. The message can neither be modified, nor deleted.

For a full description of user management, see .

The default dashboard is structured in four sub-areas.


Base Station

  • This pie-chart displays the status of base stations. Clicking one of the sectors of the pie chart takes you to the corresponding Base Station’s list.


  • This pie-chart displays the status of devices. Clicking one of the sectors of the pie-chart takes you to the corresponding device’s list.


  • This table lists the provisioned connections and the number of devices that are associated to each connection.

  • Click a line to go to the connection management or click the title to see the complete list.


  • In this widget you can share messages with other users of the system.

  • Clicking the paper airplane posts your update to the news list.

  • Clicking the trash symbol deletes your edit (after confirmation).

  • The widget is refreshed after update or delete.

  • All users may post and share news messages.

Recent Alarms

  • The area where you can view recent alarms.

  • Note Only the top 10 alarms having the highest severity are visible on the dashboard (that is to say, critical alarms, then major and then minor alarms).

  • Clicking the widget takes you to Alarms Management.