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Filtering device alarms

You can use filters to restrict the number of device alarms in the ALARM DETAILS list.

By default, this list displays not acknowledged active alarms with the Min.State: INDETERMINATE and Acked: No filters set. If you change filters, your selection is saved in your web browser and applies to the same computer.

  1. Click Alarms.

  2. In the ALARM DETAILS list, select the Devices tab.

  3. If Active filters is displayed:

    • To clear all active values of a same filter, click the filter cross.

    • To delete all active filters, click Clear all.

    • To edit the active filters, click Edit filters.

  4. If no filter is active, click Add filter.

  5. In the Filter devices alarms dialog box that opens, restrict your search using at least one filter.

    DevEUI16 characters hexadecimal string with or without separating dashes. Retrieves alarms triggered on the device associated with the specified DevEUI. Tips You can copy and paste a DevEUI you get from the traffic shown by Wireless Logger application to investigate further a device.
    DomainsAutosuggestion of existing domains of your device fleet. Retrieves alarms triggered on devices associated with one of the specified domain or domains. This filter is only available if the permission segregation based on domains has been enabled by an Administrator user. For more information, see Domains.
    Created afterRetrieves alarms created after the specified date.
    Updated beforeRetrieves alarms updated before the specified date.
    Alarm nameRetrieves all triggered alarms or the specified alarm. See all device's alarms and their meaning in Device's alarms.
    Clearance statusRetrieves all alarms, only active alarms (with a state different than CLEARED), or only cleared alarms (with a state equal to CLEARED) triggered on the returned device or devices. For more information about active and cleared alarms, see Alarm's concepts.
    Minimum severityAll or one minimum severity level. Retrieves active alarms having a severity equal to the selected severity or higher. For more information about device alarms and their severity, see the severity states table in Viewing alarms in the user interface.
    Ack statusRetrieves All, Not acknowledged, or Acknowledged alarms triggered on the returned device or devices. For more information about acknowledged alarms, see Alarm's concepts.
  6. Click Apply.