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Alarms' concepts

To monitor a LoRaWAN® network ThingPark Enterprise uses an alarm management system. An alarm in ThingPark Enterprise is a visible signal used to indicate to the enterprise that an equipment malfunction, a process deviation or an abnormal condition requires a response.

When a fault occurs a device, an alarm is raised in ThingPark Enterprise. The system qualifies the alarm and assigns it a with a specific state: an Indeterminate, a Warning, Minor, Major, Critical or Cleared state is set. To learn more about alarm's states, see .

The state of each type of alarm changes as it is subject to triggering and clearing conditions. These conditions are based on the Network Server reports and time stimulus.

The alarm generation process is illustrated in the following graphic.

  • When the triggering conditions are satisfied, an alarm is created, an existing alarm is updated (if not cleared) or an existing Alarm is recycled (if cleared).

  • When the clearing conditions are satisfied, an existing alarm is cleared.

Alarms can be acknowledged (Acked) by users. Acknowledgment has no impact over the alarm severity state.

An alarm not cleared and Acked is automatically unacknowledged if the alarm severity increases.

A cleared alarm is recycled if the same alarm is triggered again. Hence a cleared alarm never expires.

When an alarm cleared is recycled, the number of occurrences is reinitialized. In all other cases, the number of occurrences is incremented each time the alarm is triggered once again.

Alarms are deleted when the associated device is deleted.

There are two specific types of alarms for which you can configure thresholds in ThingPark Enterprise:

  • A device no uplink activity alarm that applies when no device uplink activity has occurred in a certain period.

These types of alarms have the same state as service or fault-related alarms.

When an alarm is triggered or when the severity state of an alarm changes, a recipient or recipients receive an email notification. If an alarm is Acked, the notification is only sent if the severity state of the alarm increases. This requires a preconfiguration of the email notification. To learn more about .