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Viewing all connections

The quantity and type of connections, that are supported by your ThingPark Enterprise deployment and that you can connect with your external applications, depend on your platform constraints.

To learn more, click Connecting an application to your IoT network.

  1. To view the full list of connections towards external applications already defined in your ThingPark Enterprise, click Connections from the left panel.

Note If you are entitled to a viewer only role or to a Base Stations Manager role, the display of your ThingPark Enterprise user interface does not show Actions buttons.

  1. You can see the following information items:
Connection logo and health stateLogo showing the connection type of the application:
- HTTP connections
- ThingPark X IoT Flow connections
- Node-RED connection (only valid for self-hosted TPE)

On the logo, a colored bullet indicates the health state of the connection. To learn more, see Connection health states.
NameName of the connection, it may be changed anytime by accessing the connection’s details (if the user is entitled with the right administrative role).
IDThingPark Enterprise’s internal ID given to this connection
Devices and multicast groupsNumber of devices and multicast groups that are associated to this connection.
  1. Click anywhere on a line from this list redirects you to the Connection details' page.

  2. To export the list of connections, click the Export to CSV button at the top right of the list: