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Creating a ThingPark X IoT Flow connection

What is a ThingPark X IoT Flow connection?

ThingPark X IoT Flow consists of asynchronous dataflows with built-in message queuing services designed to meet high availability, scalability and resiliency requirements for industrial deployments.

Also known as TPX IoT Flow, it provides a wide range of professionally-supported IoT connectors towards the leading IoT cloud platforms (Amazon AWS IoT, Microsoft Azure, IBM Watson, ThingWorx, Yandex, Cumulocity and many others...) besides generic MQTT and HTTPS connections.

IoT Flow also provides a rich built-in catalog of payload drivers, in addition to supporting custom payload drivers. To learn more about TPX IoT Flow payload decoding capabilities, click Sending/receiving process for payloads using an IoT Flow engine.

Creating a ThingPark X IoT Flow connection

  1. From the left panel, click Connections > Create or from the Dashboard > Connections widget, click .

  2. Select ThingPark X IoT Flow.

    -> You will then be redirected to ThingPark X Iot Flow User Interface and the following screen will display in another tab of your navigator:

    Note Connectors flagged as «BETA» are functional but have not been widely used in production yet. Minor limitations or bugs might be encountered using them.

  3. Click the type of connection that you want, then follow the step-by-step configuration guide of your connector. The new connection will be created with a ThingPark X logo.

    The most commonly used connector types are described in the following table. You may also see ThingPark X IoT Flow documentation for a full list of supported connector types:

    Connection typeTo learn more, click
    Creating an MQTT connectionMQTT step-by-step guide
    Creating a Microsoft Azure IoT Hub connectionAZURE IoT Hub step-by-step guide
    Creating a Microsoft Azure IoT Central connectionAZURE IoT Central step-by-step guide
    Creating a Microsoft Azure Event Hubs connectionAZURE Events Hubs step-by-step guide
    Creating a Microsoft Teams connectionTeams step-by-step guide
    Creating an AWS IoT Core connectionAWS IoT step-by-step guide
    Creating an AWS Greengrass V2 connectionAWS Greengrass step-by-step guide
    Creating a HERE connectionHERE step-by-step guide
    Creating a ThingWorx connectionTHINGWORX step-by-step guide
    Creating an IBM Watson connectionWATSON step-by-step guide
    Creating a Yandex connectionYANDEX step-by-step guide
    Creating an HTTPS connectionHTTPS step-by-step guide
    Creating an AMQP connectionAMQP step-by-step guide
    Creating a Cumulocity IoT connectionCumulocity step-by-step guide
    Creating a Thingsboard connectionTHINGSBOARD step-by-step guide
    Creating a Ginjer connectionGINJER step-by-step guide
    Creating a MODBUS connectionMODBUS step-by-step guide
    Creating a OPC-UA connectionOPC-UA step-by-step guide
    Support of MODBUS and UA connections

    Self-hosted TPE: MODBUS and OPC-UA connections are only available for Appliance/VM deployments. Contact Actility support for more information about future support of MODBUS and OPC-UA connections for Kubernetes deployments.

    TPE SaaS: MODBUS and OPC-UA connections are not available for TPE SaaS.