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Integrating applications with ThingPark Enterprise

ThingPark Enterprise provides a rich set of APIs to fully integrate your LPWAN infrastructure into your Enterprise IT architecture.

ThingPark OSS API

Starting from release 7.3, OSS API is the recommended API for developers who want to manage ThingPark resources. OSS API provides the best and most complete experience to interface with ThingPark Enterprise to perform:

  • Device management,
  • Base station management,
  • Alarm management.

See ThingPark OSS API documentation.


You need a service account to access OSS-API. To learn more, see Managing service accounts.

ThingPark DX API (legacy)

DX Admin API provides token management features for ThingPark Enterprise. DX Core API exposes ThingPark Enterprise administration features: device management, base stations management, alarm management.

  • DX Admin API: https://<domain>/thingpark/dx/admin/latest/doc/index.html
  • DX Core API: https://<domain>/thingpark/dx/core/latest/doc/index.html

To learn more about the domain of each platform, see Domain names.


Like OSS-APIs, you need a service account to authenticate with DX-CORE. To learn more, see Managing service accounts. Using service accounts allows you to access both OSS-API and DX-CORE API using the same access token.

ThingPark X IoT Flow API

Integration of the LPWAN network with IoT platforms and applications is a complex task that needs to address many issues:

  • Message transfers for uplink and downlink messages through the corporate firewalls and IP Network Address Translation (NATs).

  • Message encryptions and decryptions.

  • The ontology and semantic adaptation between device native binary payload formats and the syntax format (such as JSON) and respective unit conventions of each IoT platform.

ThingPark Enterprise bundles the ThingPark X IoT Flow product, which addresses all of the above and provides pre-integrated connectors to all major IoT platforms with easy step by step setup guides, hundreds of payload Codecs and a built-in ontology adaptation layer which makes it possible for application developers to rely on a uniform JSON format independently of each device manufacturer's proprietary encoding.

See ThingPark X IoT Flow API documentation.


Admin API and IoT Flow API described in the ThingPark X IoT flow document are not supported by ThingPark Enterprise. These APIS must not be used.

LRC-AS Tunnel Interface API for LoRaWAN®

ThingPark Enterprise also provides access to the lower level native interfaces of its LoRaWAN® Network Server, through Basic HTTPS protocol. This interface may be suitable for applications which do not have complex integration requirements.

See LRC-AS Tunnel Interface API for LoRaWAN® documentation.

Domain names

PlatformDomain name
Self-hosted ThingPark EnterpriseThe <domain> is defined by the platform administrator.

ThingPark Enterprise SaaS
ThingPark Enterprise SaaS
ThingPark Enterprise SaaS