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Creating user accounts for administrator role

  1. Select Administration > User Accounts, and click ADD USER ACCOUNT in the User Accounts page.

    • Checking Administrator checks and disables Base Stations Manager and Devices and Connections Manager roles.

    • Unchecking Administrator unchecks and enables the same two roles above.

    • The viewer's role cannot be unassigned.
    • Clicking a role checkbox changes user profiles on-the-fly, without confirmation.
  2. Enter the parameters above.

  3. You can configure domain restrictions to restrict the user access to resources. Only available if the segregation based on domains has been enabled. See Domains for more details.


    Domains restrictions cannot be configured if the Administrator role is selected. Administrator users always have full access to all resources without any domain restriction.

  4. Click ADD.


    Parameters marked with * are mandatory.

    -> A confirmation notification displays on your screen.

Creating user accounts redirects you to the User Accounts page where you can view all user accounts in the account's table.