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Managing the license

You manage the license differently if you are in Self-hosted mode or in SaaS mode.

Self-hosted mode

If you are entitled to an Administrator role or to a Devices and Connection Manager role, then you can change the license key. Otherwise, you can only view the results of this action.

  1. Click Manage > Operating Management > License Management.

  2. In the License Key box click to upload your license key.

    -> A window opens asking you to upload a file.

    Your license Information is automatically updated in the dedicated box.

  3. Click Save.

    -> A confirmation notification displays on your screen.

    Note To learn more about your platform usage and license information, see your System Integrator.

SaaS mode

In ThingPark Enterprise SaaS you cannot upload a new license. The subscription renewal is done by the ThingPark Enterprise channel in Actility Central.

  1. Click Manage > Operating Management.

The license information indicates the maximum number of devices and the maximum number of base stations that have been granted to your Enterprise.

To increase your license, contact System Integrator.