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Local repository installation

The new version of the thingpark-enterprise package and its dependencies (Docker images, catalogs, ...) are available on an external device (USB key, DVD, NFS).


If a local repository was already installed on the TPE instance, it is necessary to remove it before deploying the new one:

  1. Stop the local repository

    $ /home/support/install/ stop
  2. Remove the folder of the local repository, for instance:

    $ rm -rf /home/support/install

The first step is to mount the external device (below is an example on how to mount the USB key):

  1. Mount the external device from Cockpit GUI. For that go to the Storage menu, on the right side click on the Driver you want to mount:

    Storage menu

  2. Under the Content section, click on File System displayed:

    File system

  3. Leave the default mount point and click on Mount:


  4. Note the mounting path (i.e.: /run/media/support/<device_name>):

    Mount path

For a local upgrade from 5.X, it is not necessary to start the local repository manually, this will be done automatically by the upgrade process.

For a fresh local installation or a local upgrade from 6.X, the local repository must be started manually as follows:

  1. Connect through ssh on the TPE server and go to the mounted path returned previously by Cockpit GUI. Execute the following script to install and start the local repository:

    [support@TPE-HOST iso]$ ./ -f /home/support
    Copying 3640 files on /home/support/install...
    Starting local repository
    URL of the local repository:

    The content of the local media is copied locally in order to be able to remove the external device safely. It is copied under the path specified in the argument. The default installation network is To use another network the parameter -s must be added (example: -s

  2. The script returns the local repository URL to use for installation, for instance, http://localrepository1.actility.local:8089.


For a fresh installation, especially in High Availability (HA) mode, the local repository must be started on node1.

To stop the local repository, proceed as follows:

$ /home/support/install/ stop