Configuring network interfaces

Depending on the network interfaces supported by your base station, you may configure one or more of the following interfaces:

By default, the base station image is configured with DHCP activated, so the IP address is automatically allocated by the DHCP server of your network. If you want to switch from DHCP to static IP address, see Changing IP address allocation strategy.

If your base station model supports several network interfaces, ThingPark allows you to configure one interface as primary and another as a secondary one. Thanks to the automatic failover/failback mechanisms between primary and secondary interfaces, the primary network interface shall be privileged by the LRR software if it is up and running; otherwise, the secondary interface shall be used if up/ready. To learn more about interface failover configuration, see IP failover.

When you are done with all your System Configuration, do not forget to apply your new configuration to your base station. To learn more, see Apply/Commit/Rollback mechanism.