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Kernel Installation

Kernel Installation requirements

  • The Wirnet product embeds a web interface, you can use it to trigger software upgrade/update.

    • The generic syntax to access to this web interface is: http://klk-<type_GW>-<serial>

  • If you do not have access to the admin page, you can execute a Manual Stock restore.

  • Verify your firmware version, it should be 4.3.3_xxxxxxxxxxxx.

  • If you do not have that version, you must install the correct firmware.

Kernel installation

  • From the admin page, go to the administration panel, and select the "Update" TAB:

  • Just drag and drop the firmware and press "UPDATE GATEWAY".

  • You will be forced to reboot the gateway after the update.

You can now follow the ThingPark Enterprise All-in One installation steps.