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Version: TAO v2.x

Step 1 - first login to the user interface

  • Connect to the box at the following URL :

    • http://<box ip>:1323

    • Enter your password : the default password is tao but it is strongly recommended to change it after the first login, as described in step 2.

Selecting your RF region

The first thing you must do after a fresh installation is to configure the RF Region.

Select your RF Region from the list, then click Save. To learn more about selecting the right RF Region configuration for your deployment, see RF regions.

You are then redirected to the Base Station page.

Checking the base station status

Check that your base station is up and running, through the Base Station dashboard on the left panel of the user interface.

  • Network Connection: CONNECTED

  • LoRaWAN™ Radio: STARTED