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Version: TAO v2.x

Step 8 - vizualizing sensor data

From the device list, you can click on the device name to access the device information and last 10 packets history panel:

The list can be refreshed , and exported in csv file.

You can select which column to display on your table view :

You can expand a history line to get more information on each packet:


The LoRaWAN MAC header is displayed in decoded format, e.g. the DevAddr, the Frame Control (FCtrl) flags…

You can switch to the last 10 MAC commands panel:


This tab shows the last 10 UL/DL MAC commands even if they are older than the latest 10 UL/DL frames. The aim is to allow ThingPark All-in One administrators to access the history of the device's MAC commands (even if many UL/DL packets have been exchanged afterwards) to simplify troubleshooting of radio issues.