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Version: TAO v1.x

Uplink/Downlink samples

The flow sample provides 4 injector sample nodes:

  • UL Sample: reception of an UPLINK (simulated)

    • Raw: UPLINK that was not decoded by the engine, the "payload_hex" field is a hexadecimal string.
    • Clear: UPLINK that was decoded by the engine, the payload_hex field is present, a DriverCfg field gives the driver configuration used to decode the message, a "payload" field is added that gives the decoded JSON document.
  • DL Sample: injection of a DOWNLINK towards a device

    • Raw: DOWNLINK message contains only a "payload_hex" field which is a hexadecimal string.
    • Clear: DOWNLINK message contains a "payload" field which is a json document, and a "DriverCfg" field that gives the driver configuration for the encoding engine
  • These nodes serve as samples to better understand UPLINK and DOWNLINK message formats

  • To learn more about the message content exchanged between ThingPark Enterprise All-in-One and third-party Application Servers (also called LRC/AS tunnel interface), see the interface documentation.


Multicast & location reports are not supported by ThingPark Enterprise All-in-One.

  • For testing purpose, you can change the payloads and click on the injector node button to inject a new message on the flow