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Version: TAO v1.x

Step 4 - configuring Node-RED


ThingPark Enterprise All-in-One comes pre-configured with a local MQTT broker, but you can change the configurations to target an external MQTT broker, as described hereafter.

Jump to the next step if you want to keep the internal MQTT broker Step 5 - provisioning your devices.

Connect to Node-RED

  • On the Devices / List tab of the left panel, click on the node-red icon

  • Click on node-red Sign-in button, and eventually sign-in again with your password.

MQTT broker modification

  • Double-click the "MQTT /uplink-topic" node and configure the MQTT node:

  • You can change here the standard MQTT settings:

    • Topic: the topic where you will receive the uplinks
    • QoS, Retain: standard MQTT attributes
    • Name: the display name of the node
  • Click on the server "pen" icon to configure the MQTT server, the default configuration is the local MQTT broker, but you can change it to an external MQTT broker:

  • You can change here the main server attributes: server address, server security, server secure connection...

  • Do not forget to apply your configuration by clicking the . Then click to save the MQTT node configuration.

  • Do the same for the "MQTT /downlink-topic" node, server configuration is global to both nodes.

  • After you have done all node-red reconfiguration, you must click Deploy to push your new flow on the server.

  • After few seconds, you should see that your MQTT nodes get connected: