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Version: TAO v1.x

System backup / restore

System backup

  • It is necessary to regularly create a backup archive of your gateway:

    • Before / after node-red flow changes
    • After new device creations
    • Before / after LRR modifications (via Suplog)
    • Before / after system upgrades, to support potential rollback situations
  • To create a backup file :

    • Go to "Advanced Management"
    • Click on the “Backup” button, then click “Backup” again on the popup

  • After the backup is executed with success, a persistent link is generated :

    • it indicates the age of the last backup

    • it allows you to download the file later-on, but it is highly recommended to save the backup file in an alternative storage location

  • The backup file consists of :

    • LRC database (FDB_lora)
    • Node-Red data folder (flows, credentials)
    • TPE-All-in-One (TAO) data folder (secret key)
    • A complete LRR backup (specific LRR procedure), including the network configuration changes provided through Suplog
    • TAO release version file

Passwords are not included in the archive

System restore

  • Restore can only be executed on the same TAO version and the same hardware model (full restoration of LRR requires the same hardware model).

  • It allows you for example to rebuild a gateway after a hardware failure

    • install the same TAO version on an identical hardware model
    • restore the archive content on that gateway
  • Be careful, as the network configuration is restored, you might lose your gateway, it is then recommended to make sure that the gateway is correctly configured (identically as the backup).

  • A full restore takes around 3mn

  • To restore a backup :

    • Go to "Advanced Management"

    • Click on the Restore button

      • On the popup
      • Click on "I understand the consequences of the restore"
      • Click on the and pickup your backup file
    • During restoration, a waiting screen is displayed, and the GUI is locked:

    • Any attempt to navigate is blocked, all new login will be redirected to this same page.

    • After restoration, all required services are restarted and the user can navigate again.